So why do we exist?

We exist to help New Zealand artists bring their awesome and unique work to the masses in a format that everyone can get behind - shirts. A shirt is a large canvas sitting just below our chins that we all see on others as we walk down the street - and we want to liven that up a bit.

Everyone has that random piece of eclectic, quirky or just plain cool art that they have either seen or own. It was either something bought in a rush at a market, seen online or otherwise obtained but it is something that always gets commented on when others see it. So why not share it?

Along that same train of thought, how do we bring the work of weekend market artists to the national stage. How do we give them the opportunity to show off their work and have it shown to an audience that they just can't reach physically?

This is the foundation for 150 Shirts. We see clothing as an expression of our personalities, our interests and our person. We especially see it as an opportunity not just for the wearer, but for the person who designed it too.


By New Zealanders, for New Zealanders

The artwork on our products comes from New Zealand artists and they each share in the profits of each shirt sold bearing their work.


You decide what we sell

Aside from the artists who supported our launch, all art that makes it onto a shirt is selected by the online masses using the scientific art of popular vote. The top four designs each week make it onto a shirt and go on sale for one week. If it sells more than 150 in that week, it becomes a mainstay in our company and generates profits for both us and the artist with every sale made.


Why 150?

We want to encourage Kiwis to show off their work but we also want them to be able to share in some of the profits that we make. Unfortunately, we are at the mercy of our production costs so want to achieve good scale to minimise those costs per shirt. Besides, more sales means more money to our artists - where's the downside?

How it works:

  1. Over at our For Artists (LINK) page, you can submit your designs to our database which we will keep secret and private for as long as you want us to. We promise not to share your artwork except to show it off in our weekly art pool to be potentially selected to get onto a shirt.
  2. In our weekly competition, we post 15 designs on our Facebook and Instagram pages and for the ensuing 7 days leave it to the nation to decide which designs will make it onto a tshirt. This is determined by counting which 4 designs have the most likes across our social media pages.
  3. If you are one of the lucky 4, we do a little bit of paperwork and then your design will be on the website, available to purchase on a tshirt in colours of your choosing within 1-2 weeks!
  4. We will fulfill any orders that are made in the week that your design is featured as one of the winners and you will share in some of the profits of this. If your design sells more than 150 in that week, we will bump up your share of profits on that design and it will also become a permanent product on our website! Then you can just sit back and watch the money roll in - or keep designing and entering the weekly comp - it's up to you!

Other cool features

Quick Delivery

We offer 2-3 working day delivery on any of our stocked products and slightly longer on our featured products. This ensures that we can minimise our costs so you aren't paying more than is fair.

Order Tracking​

All orders sent by us will be fully trackable until it is placed in your hands by New Zealand's awesome courier drivers who make sure you aren't kept waiting.


All featured product prices are kept as low as possible to ensure you aren't paying more than is fair but also ensuring that the artist gets the opportunity to share their art with the nation.